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This is a four-track EP that was written and produced by two artists who have never met but undertook a fruitful exchange of ideas and sound material online that has been finalized as a release for the Etched Traumas label (www.etchedtraumas.net). It has a dynamic range and tone. Moving from textured and atmospheric ambient work as in Snells Window through to waltz time soaring pattern-based work in XLI.THE.SUN. The EP then moves on to crisp circuit beats and charged tones in Slime Cartographer and Silver Sword.

Gillham is an experimental guitarist who began the collaboration by sending Smith a parcel of abstracted guitar textures and patterns. Smith responded with a series of experiments and deconstructions, building Eno to Fripp inspired workflows and systems, constructing the final tracks on the Recurses EP.

The EP hints at big open skies, light refracting and bending under water, imaginary fungal subway systems and survival in harsh unforgiving climates. Something for everyone.

Find more of their work at
soundcloud.com/d-s_s-d and

An Etched Traumas release ET125


released June 16, 2018



etchedtraumas Αθήνα, Greece

Etched Traumas is a net label oriented to noise /electro / experimental / ambient / breakbeat music genres.

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