Dawn of the Anthropocene

by René Baptist Huysmans

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The discovery here on Earth of extremophile micro-organisms, organisms that thrive in otherwise extremely hostile environments, was an important breakthrough because it extended the possibilities of life within our solar system and on exo-planets orbiting other stars.

The names of these organisms is a particular source of inspiration to me. There are the Oligotrophs, organisms capable of growth in nutritionally limited environments, there are the Cryptoendoliths, organisms that live within microscopic spaces in rocks, to mention a few. But when we send probes to distant worlds to look for alien extremophiles, aren't we also looking for ourselves? The three tracks of this release explore the human being as an extremophile organism, an organism testing the boundaries of what it is capable of digesting chemically, digitally and psychologically.

We entered in 1945 the Anthropocene, the age of The Great Acceleration, exponential population growth, expansive global economy and runaway mass-consumption — the age of massive human impact on the Earth and potentially one of the biggest mass-extinctions that has hit our planet.
From a distance, the anthropocene ‘endeavour’ might sound like a creaking explorers’ ship from the Renaissance searching for gold and riches across a vast expanse.

Today, we eke out our individualistic lives in megacities, claiming each our own little crevice in metropolitan concrete, we blindly prosper in nutritionally limited environments, stuffing our faces with chemically moderated burgers, and we're loving it!

An Etched Traumas release ET35


released January 13, 2013

René Baptist Huysmans - all sounds

Image: NASA/JPL/University of Arizona




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